Ven/DME Racing September Report

FIA European Finals / September 5-8

What a couple of busy weeks the Ven/DME Racing camp has had. Team mates Steve Venables and Graham Balchin went into the Euro Finals with only a day of testing, which resulted in a personal best ET of 7.18 for Steve and a 7.20 for Graham, with both of them hitting the 200mph mark and Steve hitting a personal best of 203 mph!

Saturday in qualifying saw Steve qualify in the number 1 spot with a 7.25 @ 197mph followed closely by Graham in number 2 with a 7.29 @ 197.

Perfect qualifying put Steve and Graham on opposite sides of the ladder! And with both winning all of their rounds, it was an all Ven/DME Racing final. Steve took the win with a 7.25 (0.04 reaction time and a 1.22 60′) to Graham’s 7.31.

Santa Pod Testing / September 20

Ven/DME Racing team head back to Santa Pod for a day of testing before the National Final meeting, Jemma Venables was out for this meeting on the Comp bike, with not much track time since June she needed to get used to the bike again and within a few passes pulled out a personal best of 7.49. Steve was trying to lower his 60 ft times and had a personal best of 1.21 and 3.19 to the 330ft, Graham got his down to a 1.23.

Jemma Venables
Nationals Finals / September 21-22

Qualifying saw a late start due to rain, so an afternoon then an early evening qualifier saw Jemma in #2 spot with a 7.71 @ 188mph in Comp Bike. In Super Streetbike Graham held the #1 spot with a 7.33 @ 197mph and Steve in #2 with 7.36 @196mph. Steve’s clutch had started to pull him through on both runs but he was happy to be in the #2 spot with his team mate.

Graham Balchin
In eliminations in round 2 Jemma hit 192.14mph which if she could back it up would be a new comp bike record also bettering her pb to a 7.44. She found herself in the final up against Allan Davies, she took the win with a 7.53 @ 190mph which backed up her earlier 192, a big well done to Jem on a new national speed record!!!!

Jemma Venables
Again we were to see an all Ven Racing final in super street bike, but this time due to Steve pulling a red light by a 1000th Graham took the win with a 7.28 to Steves 7.26.

A big thanks to DME Racing for their continued support and help, Owen Developments for quality turbos, Debben Performance for their superb engine building and all the Ven Racing team.

About Ven/DME Racing

Steve Venables Steve Venables-
Rider in Superstreet bike on a Suzuki hyabusa 1340cc, year’ 08, Owens turbo, all turbo fabrication by BigCC. Started drag racing 13years ago (1999). The first person in Europe to get a 7second time in the 1/4mile on a street legal bike. Has won four ACU championship rounds, multiple Santapod club championships. Best ET standing is 7.19seconds. Best mph 199.97mph.
Jemma Venables Jemma Venables-
Started drag racing in 2009 on a GSXR1000 in 9.50 class, continued this for 3years ending up fourth in the championship. Moved onto a Suzuki hyabusa 500 horsepower into 8.50 class, won my first meeting in this class the end of 2011, and began the 2012 season in 8.50 bracket class. Currently the second fastest female on a streetbike in the world (as far as we know). With a best of a 7.73second run at 191mph. Also in charge of the Photography and video footage.
Graham Balchin Graham Balchin-
Also under the Ven Racing banner, used to crew for Steve Venables till he took the Kawasaki off his hands. Also in superstreet bike with a best time of 7.26seconds run at 201mph. Helps on the technical/ computer side of the bikes throughout the team. Is running a clutch designed and built by Brian Johnson (Top Fuel bike champion).


Jo Venables /
The mum. In charge of collecting data and keeping everyone in line. Making sure all is done before each run, tea/coffee and food maker.Neil Wilkes /
Joint crew for Ven Racing, helping out where ever possible, to find the start line grip to launch from. (dab hand at making nachos).