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Swingarm Length Guideline

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One of the most asked questions we get is, what swingarm length should I choose? We have put together our general recommendations on wheelbase lengths based on different use applications. If you have more questions, send us an e-mail at for help.


  • Street Use Only – 8” over stock with 4” of adjustment
  • Street Use and Drag Racing (Street ET or Pro ET) – 8” over stock with 4” of adjustment

*Note: Any stock motorcycles with a swingarm over eight additional inches more than likely will need an aftermarket tail.


  • All Motor – 77-82” wheelbase
  • Nitrous –  75-82” wheelbase
  • Turbo GSXR-1000 – 77-82” wheelbase
  • Turbo Hayabusa – 75-80” wheelbase


  • 8.20 or Faster – 70-75” wheelbase
  • 8.20 and slower – 64-70” wheelbase
  • 9.00 and slower – 4-6” over stock


Build your swingarm online, click here.

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