Yes, you can use the OEM brake rotor, but you would need to buy a Vortex Sprocket to replace the OEM sprocket for fitment.

Our standard cut removes the mounts for the fan. The purpose of cutting the radiator is to reduce weight and increase clearance on your front end. When the radiator the dan mounts are removed as you wouldn’t normally have room for the fans anymore.

On the rare occasion when a customer wants to cut the radiator and keep the fan, we can make that additional modification on some models. Please email us for more details at

We would only recommend cutting your radiator on ‘race only’ motorcycles.

The base charge for a cut radiator is $100.00



All Suzuki oil pans utilize a standard 14mm x 1.25″ oil drain plug.

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Customer question: How much weight can your aluminum subframe handle with a passenger on the bike?

Answer: All subframes sold through our website are designed for drag racing purposes only. They are not meant for street purposes or for passengers.