DME Racing FiberX Motorcycle Fiberglass Bodywork

Features and Benefits of FiberX Fiberglass Bodywork

Fiberglass is a composite material made of fine glass fibers woven together and embedded in a polymer resin offering several advantages:

  • Aerodynamic Excellence: Bodywork is precision-engineered to enhance the aerodynamic performance of motorcycles, significantly reducing drag and increasing speed.
  • Weight Optimization: FiberX is exceptionally lightweight, offering racers improved power-to-weight ratios, allowing for faster acceleration and greater agility on the track.
  • Strength & Flexibility: Despite being lightweight, fiberglass is strong and durable, making it a suitable choice for motorcycle drag racing applications.
  • Repairable: FiberX bodywork is built to withstand the rigorous demands of motorcycle drag racing with high-quality fiberglass materials to ensure exceptional strength and durability.

Harley-Davidson (6)

Buell (2)

Honda (1)

Kawasaki (21)

Suzuki (13)

Yamaha (2)

Top Fuel (1)

Universal (5)