Installation Instructions

Loop Ride Height Sensor – Wiring and Setup of LT110

The wiring of the LT110 Ride Height Sensor is simple. The three connections that must be made:

  • voltage supply
  • ground return
  • 0-5V analog output to ECU
Loop Laser Ride Height Sensor

Figure 1 LT110 Pinout with Wire Colors for standard cable as viewed from top of sensor


The 6-36V Supply should normally be connected to a fused 12V circuit in the vehicle. It should not be connected directly to a circuit powering an ignition system or other ‘noisy’ electrical component. Some ECU’s have outputs specifically for powering sensors. The LT110 consumes about 1W of power under most conditions. This means it will consume less than 0.1A when powered by 12V. If powered off of a 5V the sensor will consume about 0.2A. If powered off of an ECU’s 5V sensor supply output, care should be taken to ensure the output can supply the 200mA required. Many are incapable of doing this, so powering the sensor from a 12V source is generally recommended.