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Season Winds Down as DME Turns Up

DME Racing is best known for their sparkly painted Pro Street Team bikes, but if that’s all you know about DME Racing, you’re only scratching the surface.

At the beginning of the 2018 season, DME Racing owner Dimey Eddinger, and Tuning Specialist Andy Sawyer knew they would be in for a roller coaster of a year, but they planned for it. Last year Eddinger expanded his shop to accommodate more machinery, more bike lifts, and more staff. This year, you name it, and they have their hands in it, Turbos, Nitrous, Methanol, Pro Mods, Grudge, bracket bikes, even a Honda or two.

And while growing a business and a running a race team can create sleepless nights, Eddinger is winning in the risk department. And he has no plans of slowing down.

If you check out their social media pages, you will see they are always telling you to go out and support an event they are at. Very few companies in this industry rival the number of events that DME Racing sponsors, attends, or supports. “The growth of DME Racing is a direct result of the racers that trust us for their performance products,” said Eddinger, “I think it’s essential in our industry to give back and support the sport. If we are growing, the sport is growing, and our customers reap those rewards.”

Everyone is racing to win. But DME Racing knows that the secret sauce is the lesson in those wins. With every victory they consume, that’s a minimum of eight passes of data they just obtained, and that’s money in the bank. If they are winning, they are learning, and their customers are gaining on their competition.

“Every race season is a challenge,” said Sawyer. “We love what we are doing, and even when we struggle, we know it’s going to lead us right to where we need to be. Sometimes the path getting there is longer, but if this were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

So while the season is winding down for many racers, the build sheets are going up on the boards at the shop as Eddinger and his staff prepare for another hectic off-season. “We are busy, and I’m sure many people think the off-season is a time to wind down, but not for us. We are grateful to our customers and fortunate to have so many great sponsors and companies that work with us. We wouldn’t be where we are without them,” said Eddinger.

And this team has proof to show for their hard work, check out the list below of some of the winners so far this season. This is just a sampling of wins from their team and customer bikes. Team racers, Chris Connelly Jr. and Jeremy Teasley are both leading Pro Street Points at XDA and Man Cup respectively. Jeremy Teasley also leads the Dragbike.com BAMF points chase for the baddest sportsman racers in the country.

The whole team will be testing today as they prepare for another weekend of racing. See the team this weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park for the XDA Superbike Showdown.

When You’re Ready, stop by and talk to Dimey or Andy about your next bike build.

2018 Wins at a Glance

DME Racing equipped motorcycles

Kings of Grudge – March
Big 8 – Bad News

XDA – April
Pro Street – Jeremy Teasley #1 Qualifier 6.639 at 220.30
Real Street – Spencer Claycomb – Leading Points Chase / Record Holder
5.60 Index – Jeremy Teasley
Crazy 8’s – Dustin Lee

Man Cup – April
Pro Street – Jeremy Teasley – Leading Points Chase
Super Comp – Jeremy Teasley

NHDRO – April
Last Man Standing – Cash Is King
Pro Street – Frankie Stotz
Crazy 8’s – Dustin Lee

OSCR – April
Pro Street – Frankie Stotz

Pro Street – Luis Hornedo
Top Gas – Jeremy Teasley
Crazy 8’s – Tylan Beckelheimer
Street Fighter – Cameron Teasley

Kings of Grudge – May
Big 8 – Cash Is King
Big Boy Heavyweights – Pickin’ Pockets
Handclutch Killaz – Bando

XDA June
Pro Extreme Kool-Aid
Pro Nitrous – Under the Influence
Pro Street – Jeremy Teasley
Real Street – Eddie Chapman – Record Holder
Top Sportsman – Wilson Burkhead
Street ET – Dana Mack

Kings of Grudge – June
Big 8 – Cash is King
Super Street Tire – Gas Monkey
Handclutch Killaz – Bando
Big Boy Heavyweights – Hit ‘Em Up

Man Cup – June
Pro Street – Chris Connelly Jr.
Super Comp – Spencer Claycomb

NHDRO – June
Pro Street – Gaige Herrera
Top Gas – Jeremy Teasley
Street ET – Jeremy Teasley

XDA July
Pro Street – Chris Connelly – Leading Points Chase
Pro Street Shootout – Jeremy Teasley
5.60 – Jeremy Teasley
Crazy 8’s – Duane Jackson
Street ET – Dustin Lee

NHDRO August
Pro Street – Frankie Stotz – Leading Points Chase
Top Gas – Jeremy Teasley
Street ET – Dustin Lee

DME Racing thanks their sponsors for continued support: Penske Shocks, NLR, Vanson Leathers, Lucas Oil, CP/Carillo, Web Cams, Worldwide Bearings, Cometic Gaskets, Robinson Industries, VP Racing Fuel, Dunigan Racing, DCE, MTC, APE, Vance & Hines, Beringer Brakes, and Owen Developments.


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