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Cam Chain for Hayabusa Heavy Duty Roller Kit

This Heavy-duty endless cam chain is manufactured by Borg Warner in Japan and are designed and produced to exact OEM specifications. Using only special M-type chains which have special heat treated pins, plus advanced pin and link connections to ensure maximum performance and durability. This cam chain is designed for Race Use. The DME Racing Team spent the 2016 racing season testing this chain on their race bikes. After a year of quality testing, we can ensure this is THE CHAIN you need.

RK 530 Pro Drag Racing Chain

RK 530 DR drag race motorcycle chains are the chains that every motorcycle drag racer needs. Have confidence the next time you line up next to someone! These lightweight 530 DR drag racing chains are just 4.92 lbs. per 100 links--that's less than most 530 O-ring chains! Additionally, RK 530 DR drag race motorcycle chains offer an average tensile strength of 10,400 lbs. and they're designed for bikes up to 1,500cc. RACER PRICING FROM DME